POEM: On a lighter note

Sit back, Relax , And let go. Stretch your arms, Let down your hair, And let go. Walk with a jump, Turn on your heels, Let your bosom grow. Hold you head high, Only Bow down to the sun, Let your pride grow. Love everything that loves you back, Resurrect every morning, Let you feelings... Continue Reading →


Ethics at Workplace

I recently took a course on Ethics at my college. Here are my reflections from the course: “Anything that doesn’t allow you to put your head on a pillow and sleep in 10 minutes, don’t do it” -Bharat Puri, MD, Pidilite Through the journey of the Ethics in Business course, I have learnt some very... Continue Reading →

Of a Stoic

As a Reader, I was delighted when I came across a philosophy book that was so relatable and to my surprise, almost 2,000 years old. Meditations, is a series is of notes written by the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius at different stages of his life. Marcus Aurelius was no philosopher, he was simply a man... Continue Reading →

POEM: Jealous

I remember staring at a yellow pale wall Jealous of another woman, for yet another man I remember not being able to fall asleep Tired of doing it all over again Memories so fickle and nodes so occupied We needed time to heal and move on Howsoever impossible but we did We called ourselves machines... Continue Reading →

Immigrants, welcome nowhere?

What is a man to do if the world around him burns and comes down to ashes? Evolution has instilled fight in us but it has also instilled flight. And when one’s family is in danger, men are known to choose the latter option. When a country is plagued by war, famine, disaster, its civilians... Continue Reading →

Digital Revolution in India

India’s march towards a digital economy is in full swing. In the wake of Demonetization, NITI Ayog CEO Amitabh Kant was quoted saying that by the year 2020, ATMs, PoS, credit/debit cards will become redundant. It is very much possible that by the year 2020, a majority of our population will be well versed with... Continue Reading →


Bygone year 2016 saw a wave of rising populism and nationalism across the west. In the reluctance of European countries to provide asylum to immigrants to Donald Trump promising USA a closed and secure future, an interesting pattern emerged which underscored the outlook of developed countries towards globalization. Britain voted in favour of a “Brexit”.... Continue Reading →

Censorship in the age of Internet

Advent of Internet ushered us in an era of connectivity with the hope that the world would be more open, transparent and fair when there are so many eyes watching. But the purpose was beaten to smithereens when censorship came into play. Censorship means the practice of blocking or modifying certain content (Videos/ Text /Images)... Continue Reading →

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