POEM: Irrational Love

How powerful a feeling called love,
that everything else fades into oblivion.
Every love feels like the only love there is,
every chase feels like the only chase there will be.
How glibly it deceives us,
that even the gargantuan doubts fade away at the sight of an ephemeral dream.
My heart beat feels like the harbinger of a new melody,
Each and every hormone plays the chords and I am coaxed into believing that I am lucky.
How trippy I am right now,
Knowing that my mind can fool itself, at its own command.
I believe that the stars can move the oceans in my body,
Yet I refuse to believe in the logic of love’ irrationality.
How delusional I am, so very delusional
Holding a hand that’s lost too.

-Isha Shroff


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