POEM: Nightmare

Wandering far away from the lands of past,
One wrong turn and I was lost ,
Don’t look back
He whispered in my ear
I looked into the cold eyes of uncertainty and shivered with fear
Trust me, he said
I am like the love you never had
Follow my voice in the forsaken air
You belong here my love, not there And I did what the voice asked
I left my angels in the lands of past
Love deprived, I followed his voice
And when I found him, my heart rejoiced
I looked in his eyes as they turned red
Tonight his arms were my bed
I found happiness in the lone corner of world ,where my demon dwells
He stabbed my heart, whispering,
“My princess, welcome to hell”
Somewhere far away, in the lands of present, my angels died.
In the shadow of moon, an old lover cried
Hell consumed me
And made me a part of its own
I bled black blood that night
Evil clutched my arms and made home inside
I danced with my demon that night
Drank the poison in the moon’s sight
Took my face in his hands and He said
Lands of future will bleed to death
You will be the demon, they fear
And no cries for help, will be left to hear
I gathered my strength and touched his heart
Last kiss of good bye and I tore it in parts
For the world will now not know of the midnight crime
How a damsel killed a demon in his prime
Not an angel to love, not a demon to fear
I will be the enigma of the universe,
I will be your worst nightmare.

-Isha Shroff


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