Are we are imprisoning ourselves in the ‘cell’ of our cell phones?

Take a walk around your city and everywhere you will run into people bent over their cell phones. Sometimes neck tilted holding the cell phone in the grip of ear and shoulder; sometimes necks bent 90 degree, eyes dug deep into the smart phone screen. In the past decade this phenomenon has given rise to plenty of debate, questioning whether it is healthy or not to imprison ourselves in this ‘cell’ phone and how it has ended our social lives. This debate often overlooks another fact. Human species has lived this way for years now. First we bent our necks over newspapers, then books, and now cell phones. It is not an argument for technology, it is rather an argument for human behaviour and needs.

These cell phones, rather than acting as a prison with sealed walls, are gateways to a whole new world. They foster relationships even at a distance, encourage people to voice their opinion and the experience can be highly customized to a person’s qualities and desires. An introvert can finally find a platform for his voice on twitter, a shy young man too can hope to find love on tinder, a small business man can sell his products on Alibaba in various countries without worrying about language barriers, and a house wife can find a platform to learn English or earn money by free lancing. This cell is anything but a ‘cell’.

Cell phones are often blames for reducing social real life interactions but in reality, they have done something exactly opposite. Rise in technology has been accompanied by increasing number of malls, food outlets, gaming zones, public gathering places etc. Telecom revolution changed how people lived their lives. Every loved one was suddenly a phone call away. Even in present day, cell phones  deepen human bonds even when people move far away. Bringing people across geographic and ethnic borders closer is no less than a miracle.

Cell phones have also made life much easier by bringing together every aspect of life from banks to education to healthcare to paying bills. With improvement in technology, they will be able to do things better and faster and even more functions could become a regular thing for cell phones.

Rather than being prison cells of human mind, cell phones are portals of freedom in so many ways. Cell phones have and will play an important role in the years to come by fostering social interactions and making the world a more connected place to live in.


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