Immigrants, welcome nowhere?

What is a man to do if the world around him burns and comes down to ashes? Evolution has instilled fight in us but it has also instilled flight. And when one’s family is in danger, men are known to choose the latter option. When a country is plagued by war, famine, disaster, its civilians are left with no choice but to flee. These immigrants travel unsafe dangerous roads in search of better lives for themselves and their family. Instead of finding refuge, these families find closed fenced borders. The European immigrant crisis brought these refugees and their sufferings in the light for the entire world to see. People felt guilty, preached kindness and prayed to Poseidon, but how many of us opened our doors? The crisis remains and these Immigrants are welcome nowhere.

It is an irony that USA, who is partly responsible for the political unrest in Syria which has led to people fleeing the country, has not done much to help these immigrants. Britain went so far as to a Brexit to prevent immigrants from coming into their territory. France and Netherlands are on they way. Such as surprise that the nation that preached peace solidarity and fraternity In the halls of United Nations, playing role model for third world countries for years have forgotten their values and refused to act when such as large proportion of humanity is struggling between life and death. Immigrants are abandoned to unsafe seas, branded terrorist and are seen as harm to the rest of the countries. Europe has forgotten the days when it was itself war ravaged and its people sailed to USA and Australia and were welcomed with love and not hate. They stopped chanting God save the Queen and ran to save their lives. These were not terrorists, these were helpless people who wanted a better life for themselves and their loved ones. They worked hard and their generations have contributed immensely to American economy.

Japan, a country with dark history of violence is afraid to show sympathy and so is Saudi Arabia. Money and funds flow from these nations to help Immigrants, no doubt, but love doesn’t. Immigrants don’t need welfare checks, they need an opportunity to start over. Be it people running away from violence and despotism in Eritrea or political unrest in Syria, they all have a single wish to start with a clean slate and have the opportunity to live happily. Is that too much to ask of the wealthy countries? To accommodate hard working families that might improve their economy by adding to their workforce?

European countries and other nations should look at these “ Economic Immigrants” as a potential resource and rather than closing their borders, should open them up more. These immigrants bring fresh talent and potential. And aging nations such as Britain would definitely benefit from this young workforce. European countries can draw a plan to allocate immigrants in their countries in proportion to their land and economy. So can the rest of the world.

Chaos is the order of the day, but good things do come out of Chaos. A world with open mind cannot co-exist with closed borders. It is time to show that our long list of values are for real and that we are more than just divided nations.


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