Indian Tiger Vs. Chinese Dragon

China and India, two fast growing economies in the world with largest and second largest populations respectively, have all eyes on them. The world looks to the east and sees the sun rise on these two nations. But the relationship between two economies has been competitive and complicated at its very best. Armed with a... Continue Reading →


A Statue of Eros

This morning, Sangeeta woke up feeling rather exhausted and dull. It was a gloomy Sunday morning. Weather was rainy and the room was dull with procrastination. She woke up feeling rather lackadaisical, a weird thing to feel at such an hour. But our moods are affected weather nonetheless. Sangeeta thought it a lazy morning. Sunday... Continue Reading →

Arthur Conan Doyle

If you happen to Google "Sir Arthur Conan Doyle", you will get thousands of search results for the great creator and writer, famous for his immortal creation, the great detective SHERLOCK HOLMES. Sherlock Holmes was undoubtedly the Harry Potter of his time.What more? I think he will outlive Harry Potter. Sir Arthur earned a lot... Continue Reading →

Harbor of Trieste by Egon Schiele

Wow! This was my first reaction looking at this magnificent masterpiece by Egon Schiele. I was awestruck and kept staring at it for a couple of minutes. It is simply gorgeous. Just look at the lines! This Austrian painter is mainly known for his Nude paintings/portraits. His nude paintings were considered so offensive that he... Continue Reading →

POEM: Irrational Love

How powerful a feeling called love, that everything else fades into oblivion. Every love feels like the only love there is, every chase feels like the only chase there will be. How glibly it deceives us, that even the gargantuan doubts fade away at the sight of an ephemeral dream. My heart beat feels like... Continue Reading →

POEM: One More Time

I hope to run into you someday On a strange rainy afternoon In a city in some strange corner of this planet And say hello to you for the first time, one more time I hope to run into you someday On a cold winter eve In a city located in a valley And greet... Continue Reading →

POEM: Lullaby for Adults

When you were little, Julian What did you think was the color of sky Did you think it blue, like it is in the day? Or did you think it black, like it is now? When you were little, Julian What did you think happened to old people Did you think they were immortal, like... Continue Reading →

POEM: Nightmare

Wandering far away from the lands of past, One wrong turn and I was lost , Don't look back He whispered in my ear I looked into the cold eyes of uncertainty and shivered with fear Trust me, he said I am like the love you never had Follow my voice in the forsaken air... Continue Reading →

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